Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Day in The Life of Rex and Me

I know this is a food blog, and I have two blogs that I have been brainstorming about all week that I will share, once I find the time.  This blog entry is dedicated to my Boxer, Rex who pretty much saved my life today.  I am sure within in the coming entries there will be one for the delicious dog biscuits I plan on making for him but I figured since this is my soap-box, I have to give tribute to my rescue dog first and then tackle the yummy goodness later.  What good would this blog be if I wasn't here to write it?

Today, while out for our regular, hour-long walk, Rex and I decided to take a short-cut home since I noticed he was starting to get heat fatigued due to the summer-like weather we have been having in Savannah.  I know Boxers are more susceptible to overheating due to their foreshortened snout and the short-cut I intended on taking would pass by a house with three "lawn-ornament" pit bulls in the backyard.  Normally I wouldn't take this way since one of the pits has a tendency to jump the 4ft chain link fence in the backyard.  I checked the yard quickly as I turned on the block and didn't see the dogs in the back so I continued on my way.  Sure enough, I watched as the red nose pit climbed the fence and come charging at us.  I told the dog to "go home"and this is when he lunged at me.  Rex got right in front of me and the pitbull bit his face and a dog fight ensued. Since I am not a friend of Michael Vick,   I broke Rex away and the dog ran off only to charge back at us.  Rex growled and the dog ran back to his house, trying to scale the fence.  I noticed blood on Rex's face as I stopped to gain my composure.  The neighbors heard me curse "fucking assholes" towards the house and came out to tell me to report  the incident; they were tired of this dog constantly breaking loose out of his yard.

I came home, shaken and in tears.  I told Mike that we are never getting rid of Rex for any reason and followed that with the story of what happened.   He isn't always Rex' advocate as it was I who wanted a dog, not him. Rex, being a rescue has issues due to the neglect he suffered and Mike sometimes loses patience with his antics, namely the counter-surfing. I think today that part of Mike changed after he saw the bite mark on Rex' head and his limping.  I called up Animal Control and made an appointment at the Vet.  Animal Control issued me a subpoena to appear in court next month since the owners of the dog was cited with "dog at large".  Rex went to the vet and luckily the bite mark was superficial and he got a rabies booster, some antibiotics and lots of kisses from the Vet and Vet Tech who had to shave his head.

I am so very grateful for my dog, for fearlessly protecting me.  We rescued him because I don't believe in purchasing a dog for  hundreds to thousands of dollars when there are so many who need homes and the cost is a fraction of the purchase price.  He may have issues but he is my dog and I am willing to do anything for him, especially after he proved to me he was willing to do the same.  He has brought so much joy to our home and after today, he is my hero and my mushface.

like a true boxer, he was cut above his eye

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