Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Banter

It has been an exhausting week and I feel terrible that I haven't dedicated more time to the blog,  especially since I have cooked dishes that have a rightful place here as they are my own.  After a long day of cleaning and running around after a rambunctious 20 month old, I am lucky if I can string together short sentences that don't make people ask exactly how much have I have had to drink today (never mind that I am sober).  So since I wanted to update the blog with the least effort necessary I am just going to list off random food based thoughts and quips from this past week.  I promise to update tomorrow with new recipes I have worked on this week, but for now I am going to be short, sweet and to the point.

  1. Since I have started this blog my husband has gained 10 lbs.  He informed me of this little tidbit last night while watching season 3 of The Big Bang Theory (the latest show I am obsessed with).  I blame it directly on the baklava.
  2. Last weekend during my shopping expedition, I bought a meat thermometer.  Christmas day I made a horrible mistake by leaving my instant read thermometer in my prime rib.  I used this new meat thermometer to measure the liquid temperature for my bread, figuring it was multi purpose.  Two days after baking my awesome bread my meat thermometer goes missing.  I seriously tore my house apart looking for it since I needed it to make pizza dough.  Mike was in Target again yesterday where he bought me another meat thermometer and an instant read thermometer.  They are professional quality and I was giddy that he was thoughtful enough to bring me home these awesome kitchen gadgets.  Tonight when he was putting my son to bed, he went on a search for my son's Batman and Green Lantern plushies (his favorite toys).  Low and behold, my new-as-of-last-weekend meat thermometer was in his CAT duplo truck.  Guess Nate needed to figure out the temperature of legos...
  3. And while we are on the topic of my son, I should know better than to take my son out to eat.  Last week we took the kids to Ruby Tuesday's since I received a coupon in the mail.  My son managed to spill about every food item on the table on himself. It even came to the point that I told my husband I didn't care how much spray and wash I had to use on his clothes, I wasn't going to fight him for my iced tea that he stole, or the ketchup, or the honey mustard he used to paint his face with a la Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.  Proving my memory sucks, I suggested tonight we should go out to eat.  I had a long day cleaning and Mike readily agreed to Texas Roadhouse.  My son tried sticking a crayon in his juice along with ripping up his sister's coloring mat and stealing all the marshmallows off my husband's sweet potato.  Needless to say we hurried out of there as soon as our dinner was over, before my son started to throw plates or let his screeches hit pitches only the neighborhood dogs could hear.
  4. I don't know how I feel about Man Vs. Food, the show where a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn goes around partaking in every food challenge available in this great country of ours.  While I do enjoy seeing slices of foodie Americana I haven't experienced before, I think I the reason I watch it is I am patiently waiting for the day he has a massive coronary after one of his food binges. 
  5. I made 4lbs of chicken cutlets this week and I don't think I have one left to photograph for my chicken cutlet recipe blog entry.  This family eats chicken cutlets like they were starving, and with my husband's recent weight gain we know that lack of food isn't a problem in this house.  Alas, I feel my chicken cutlet entry will have to wait til I make them again.
  6. Publix makes pretty decent cannoli's. I made gupesto last night for dinner and since I needed basil for the recipe I made my obligatory stop at Publix.  The bakery manager, knowing I was a New Yorker by my still-thick accent let me try to cannoli cream before I purchased any.  It was pretty accurate though I should have told her to add a little more cinnamon and chocolate chips to the cream.  It doesn't matter, they were the perfect dessert for my dinner last night and Mike fought me for the chocolate drizzled cannoli. 

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